Balance your Bildung part II

bildung, personal development

In my first post on including the heart in our development I tried to explain what it means to develop yourself in a balanced way, Bildung in all its aspects. With the ideal clearly defined -developing head, hands and heart- now it’s time to ask how we’re performing.

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Some music to share

I’ve been playing the piano since I was a little kid, always dreamt of recording an album one day, but never did.

Musicians use to hear every tiny mistake they make, songs and especially performances are never perfect.

The one below is far from perfect too. But well, I decided to stop aiming for perfection, so I’ll share this one anyway and keep sharing other songs now and then too. Hope you enjoy.. 🙂

Balance your Bildung – part I

bildung, personal development

Countless opportunities, access to an infinite flow of information, often the skills and bright mind to turn it all into one big success. And yet.., yet something’s missing.

At least for me something was. Everything seemed perfect on the outside: a solid education, a challenging high status job, an active social life, what else to wish for? Nevertheless after two years of work, I noticed my energy level and enthusiasm were down compared to when I had just finished studying.

Now, after a career change and some time to seriously think through what happened I think I’ve identified the most important reason for what happened. And.., everywhere around me I see other people facing the same challenges. 

This is a plea to include the heart again, to develop the full spectrum of our human potential. Because if we don’t, without a clear idea of who we are and how we want things to be, our personal happiness is at risk. What’s more, our collective wellbeing is at risk too.

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If not now, then when?!


For many people, walking the Camino is a way to escape the demands of their everyday lives. They want to be free from all obligations and expectations, create space to steer their lives in a new direction. And yet, all too often pilgrims single handedly manage to introduce all sorts of restrictions to the freedom just acquired. I’ve noticed too, it takes great courage to be free.   

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Small stories from the Camino


Countless yellow arrows pointing the way to Santiago de Compostela have guided me 930 kilometres through Spain last weeks. I must have walked more than a million steps, spinning the globe under my feet to pass by sea, forests and plains, mountains and strangers-turned-friends. What a journey it has been!

W.F. Hermans and his book “Nooit meer slapen” come to mind in which he marvels about the strength of our bodies. About the miracle of a knee joint taking blow after blow without breaking, whereas metal or steel would have surrendered to fatigue long ago. My knees did not break, they grew stronger and took me all the way here, to Santiago and finally to its public library where I sit now looking at the empty word document in front of me.

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3 insights on how to deal with the big shots

job interview

It´s usually the last stage of the job application process. You passed all the psychological and analytical tests, all that stands in the way between you and your new job is an interview with several heavy weights high up the hierarchy. You proved your capabilities but do you fit the company and would you make for a good and –maybe even more important- fun colleague? The answer to this question is what these seniors are after and it will determine your success or failure. So how do you present yourself and interact in this situation, or a similar one?

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